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  1. completed spirit shield set - obtained scythe - obtained twisted bow - obtained clue scroll log, master / hard.. obtained 1000/1000 vork kills
  2. Post you're progression on ashihama here i will be keeping everyone up to date with what i have going on feel free to share Rules: 1 POST EVERY 24 HOURS. NO SPAM . MUST BE Ashihama RELATED
  3. Hey Guys Welcome To Ashilhama... My Name Is Expeditious Some call me Ron... I'm a support staff here on the forums and in-game and i will probably be running into you on our adventure here on Ashilhama, if you ever run into problems don't hesitate to private message me here on the forums or discord i check regularly and will do my best to get back to everyone of you, if the forums isn't a suitable place im sure you can pm me in-game.
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