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1. System Security, Penatration Testing and Exploiting 

Attempting to exploit and penetrate the security measures of Ashihama's software, hardware, or any other devices used by our users or operations of the overall system will be punished.

  • Ashihama Management takes the website and our player's security extremely seriously. Therefore, any attempt to breach Asihama or the players of Ashihama's security will not be taken lightly. If any exploits are found, please submit them to Smidge. 

1st Offense: Permanent IP Ban


2. Common Courtesy (Spamming)

The in-game server, forums and discord requires all guests, members and staff to show a standard of Common Courtesy to others. This includes but not limited to spamming, purposeful crashing, or intentionally baiting someone on any platform.  

1st Offense: 1 Day restricted posting | 2nd Offense 3 Days of restricted posting  | 3rd Offense: Permanent restricted posting


3. Inappropriate Language, Inappropriate Content or Player Harassment

There is a zero tolerance for harassment toward other individuals especially based upon sexual preferences, personal or religious beliefs, gender or race. Language that may be considered offensive, racist or otherwise inappropriate should not be used in chats or usernames.

First Offense: Forum Warning | 2nd Offense: 1 Day restricted posting | 3rd Offense: 3 Days of restricted posting | 4th Offense: Permanent restricted posting

 4. Advertising or Discussion of Other Servers

There is a zero tolerance for advertisement or discussions of other servers on any platform owned and operated by Ashihama.  This includes but not limited to In-game, Forums or Discord.

1st Offense: 3 Days of restricted posting | 2nd Offense: Permanent restricted posting  | 3rd Offense: Permanent ban

  5. Threats 
All guests, players and staff should feel safe and welcome at all times. We will hold a zero tolerance for any threats made against another individual including those without physical harm for example "DDOS" threats. 

 1st Offense: Permanent Ban

 6. Encouraging others to break rules 

Anyone who encourages someone to break a rule or rules will be treated as if they committed the offense themselves and will be punished as if they are the one breaking the rule. 

Any Offense: Punishment will be issued depending on severity of the situation

7. Impersonation

Impersonating any member of our community rather it be for entertainment, monetary gain, persuasion, etc. will NOT be tolerated. Impersonation of staff will automatically be escalated to a 2nd Offense.

1st Offense: Permanent restricted posting  | 2nd Offense: Permanent Ban

8. RSPS/Malicious Invites

Sending other RSPS server invites as well as Malicious Discord server invites that promote rule breaking is NOT tolerated. Only Ashihama or non RSPS related invites are allowed. 

1st Offense: Permanent Ban

9. Misleading Links

Any link you send a member or post publicly must direct you to what it appears as. No link spoofing or redirect links are allowed. We will automatically assume you are up to no good if you do so.

1st Offense: Permanent Ban

10. Spamming

Posts that do not contribute to the topic of the thread or any relevant conversation being held within the thread are considered spam. Clarification of the rule can be seen below.

  • Posts that consists of pieces of content, that in specific, do not contribute to the post in a relative manner will be considered spam and a warning or infraction will be given per staff's discretion.
  • Grave digging is not allowed and consists of reviving a previously resolved, settled, or "dead" thread after a prolonged period of time. Threads with an activity gap of a month or greater shall be considered "grave-digging”.
  • Topic bumping must be done with the provided topic bumping feature. Topics shall be bumped no more than once every 12 hours.
  • Posts that do not contribute to the topic of the thread or any relevant conversation (regarding the topic) being held within the thread are considered spam.

 Habitual offenders CAN lose posting privileges

First Offense: Forum Warning | 2nd Offense: 1 Day restricted posting | 3rd Offense: 3 Days of restricted posting | 4th Offense: Permanent restricted posting

11. Signature and Profiles

All signatures, profile content, and profile pictures MUST be appropriate and follow all Server Rules. (e.g No advertisement, nude photos, racism etc.)

1st Offense: Signature removal | 2nd Offense: Signature ban  



*Depending on the severity of the rule broken, the Ashihama team reserves the right to change or modify ANY of the rules listed above without notice.

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