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Herblore Guide - FOCUS

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Herblore Guide



1. Introducing the Herblore Skill.

2. Further Information

3. Herbs

4. Potions




Introducing The Herblore Skill



Herblore is the ancient druidic skill that allows you to mix together potions of great strength to aid you in whatever you're doing, be it requiring that extra extent of skill to craft something, or a boost of fighting prowess to make you that much more dangerous on the battlefield. Whichever option, potions are a vital part in-game, and no adventurer should be without at least one or two in their bank at any time.



Further Information



The key items in the Herblore skill (as the name suggests) are herbs. These can be farmed or dropped by monsters (particularly Slayer creatures). When you find them, they will be 'grimy', so you must use your Herblore skill to clean them for use in a potion.

In order to make potions, you will need 3 items: a vial of water, a primary ingredient (usually a type of herb), and a secondary ingredient. Use the clean herb with the vial, and then use the secondary ingredient with the unfinished potion.



Vials of water can be bought from the General Tool Store or at the Herblore Store. Secondary ingredients can also be bought from the Herblore Store and obtained from Farming.

When all put together, they will create a potion with 4 doses not like OSRS with 3 doses. Note that decanting potions does not require a Herblore level, nor give any experience.






Herbs can be found throughout Ashihama and will often be received in a grimy form. To make the herb usable, you must clean them for use in potions. This can be pretty straightforward, but each herb requires a certain Herblore level to clean. You will receive experience for cleaning herbs.


  1. Guam Leaf - Level Required To Clean: 1
  2. Marrentill - Level Required To Clean: 5
  3. Tarromin - Level Required To Clean: 11
  4. Harralander - Level Required To Clean: 20
  5. Ranarr Weed - Level Required To Clean: 25
  6. Toadflax - Level Required To Clean: 30
  7. Irit Leaf - Level Required To Clean: 40
  8. Avantoe - Level Required To Clean: 48
  9. Kwuarm - Level Required To Clean: 54
  10. Snapdragon - Level Required To Clean: 59
  11. Cadantine - Level Required To Clean: 65
  12. Lantadyme - Level Required To Clean: 67
  13. Dwarf Weed - Level Required To Clean: 70
  14. Torstol - Level Required To Clean: 75





The main use of the Herblore skill is to create potions that are useful for boosting stats and combat. These form of potions, available from the start, are the standard form of potion that is most commonly used around Ashihama. To make these, you require only a vial filled with water, a clean herb, and a secondary ingredient. Down below shows all the available potions, the level requires, the experience given, and the ingredients required.


Attack Potion

Level Required: 3
Primary Ingredient: Guam Leaf     Secondary Ingredient: Eye Of Newt


Anti-Poison Potion

Level Required: 5
Primary Ingredient: Marrentill     Secondary Ingredient: Unicorn Horn Dust


Strength Potion

Level Required: 12
Primary Ingredient: Tarromin     Secondary Ingredient: Limpwurt Root


Energy Potion

Level Required: 26
Primary Ingredient: Harralander     Secondary Ingredient: Chocolate Dust


Prayer Potion

Level Required: 38
Primary Ingredient: Ranarr Weed     Secondary Ingredient: Snape Grass


Super Attack Potion

Level Required: 45
Primary Ingredient: Irit Leaf     Secondary Ingredient: Eye Of Newt


Super Anti-Poison Potion

Level Required: 48
Primary Ingredient: Irit Leaf     Secondary Ingredient: Unicorn Horn Dust


Super Energy Potion

Level Required: 52
Primary Ingredient: Avantoe     Secondary Ingredient: Mort Myre Fungi


Super Strength Potion

Level Required: 55
Primary Ingredient: Kwuarm     Secondary Ingredient: Limpwurt Root


Super Restore Potion

Level Required: 63
Primary Ingredient: Snapdragon     Secondary Ingredient: Red Spiders' Eggs


Super Defence Potion

Level Required: 66
Primary Ingredient: Cadantine     Secondary Ingredient: White Berries


Anti-Fire Potion

Level Required: 69
Primary Ingredient: Lantadyme     Secondary Ingredient: Dragon Scale Dust


Ranging Potion

Level Required: 72
Primary Ingredient: Dwarf Weed     Secondary Ingredient: Wine Of Zamorak


Stamina Potion

Level Required: 77
Primary Ingredient: Super Energy Potion     Secondary Ingredient: Amylase Crystal


Saradomin Potion

Level Required: 81
Primary Ingredient: Toadflax     Secondary Ingredient: Crushed Bird's Nest


Super Combat Potion

Level Required: 90
Primary Ingredient: Torstol    Secondary Ingredient: Super Attack, Super Strength, and Super Defence Potions


Super Anti-Fire Potion

Level Required: 92
Primary Ingredient: Anti-Fire Potion    Secondary Ingredient: Crushed Superior Dragon Bones




*Not all potions from Old School RuneScape can be found listed. If one is missing, which you would like to see added to the guide, then please post down below.

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